What To Do If You’re Arrested

Getting arrested is never our intentions, but preparing for this unexpected event is important before it happens when it’s too late. Jail is scary and intimidating, especially for an inexperienced inmate. Knowing what to expect and what to do can alleviate worry and concern.

Do Not Resist Arrest

Maybe you feel that getting arrested is wrong or that the arrest is illegal. It is your right to feel this way but it is not your right to resist arrest. In fact, it’s going to make matters much worse in the long run and cause additional criminal charges.

Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent

Resist the urge to talk after an arrest. What you say can be used in court to prosecute you or to tell the judge more about your character. Don’t take that risk and make sure that you remain silent. Why make time in jail more difficult than it is already? No matter how much you get the urge to talk, sty silent!

Don’t Take in Contraband

If you have drugs, weapons, or alcohol on your person at the time of arrest, inform the officer before you arrive at the county jail. This is yet another charge that you’ll face if you take it into the jail with you.

Call a Bondsman

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Hopefully you have a bail bond company Beaver County PA on hand to call in this scenario because you really need them now. A bondsman charges just 10% to 15% of the bond amount ordered by the judge and gets you out of jail faster.

Call an Attorney

Don’t go to court without an attorney. Lawyers have the legal expertise to help out in any type of case. They work to get the criminal charges tossed out of court or the punishments reduced if you’re found guilty. A lawyer also eases the stress and worry that comes your way when going to court.

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